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ADVANCED WORSHIP COURSE BOOK 1: Bible Study on New Life, Walk in Newness of Life (Ro 6:4) by Rick David, an Evangelist, Author of Free Bible Study (Free Online, Free Download, Free Postal) for beginners or advanced, families, communities, or groups! Order printed books. For anyone seeking Bible study. Certificates. Advanced 3-Level study. Free Teacher Guide. Come, Learn, & Grow! Or Come, Teach, & Grow! What students are learning. Register Now!

Free studies also in Arabic, for our Arabic friends!

Since 1998, I/we (Rick David, my family, and our Christian friends around the world) have been dedicated to bringing you free Bible studies for individual, group, community, and family use (Read about the three goals of this ministry). We have Three Levels of Study. We have even created a Free Bible School based on these studies and the three goals of this ministry. Many people are using the 3-Level Advanced Bible Study, along with the Free Teacher Guide, to create their own Bible study, class, or school in their own home with their own family or friends, or even in their community or with their church.

By God's grace, together, He has enabled us to serve tens of thousands students, teachers, parents, and churches worldwide, every day. If you are interested in advanced Bible study for yourself, your group, or your family, we can help. We have a distinct 3-Level Advanced Bible Study and related products which have equipped many Christians, teachers, pastors, evangelists, parents, and families (look at all of the student comments, reviews, and testimonials: Reviews Advanced Chronological Study, Reviews New Life, Reviews Spiritual Gifts, Reviews Teacher Guide, Reviews True Worshipers, Reviews Regulations of Divine Worship).

For Individual Students, we offer you several ways to study (Register Now!) Come, Learn, & Grow! First, free download Bible study, self-paced, self-grading (Tests and Answer Keys Included). This is the most popular product. It contains the 3-Level Advanced Bible Study in PDF Ebook format, as well as all tests and answer keys, and printable certificates (, Sorry! No Certificates of Completion awarded by FBS unless you submit your tests Online for auto-grading).

Second, Free Online Bible Study, self-paced. It contains the 3-Level Advanced Bible Study, quizzes, and tests. They are all automatically graded, so you can get your results instantly (with Certificates of Completion).

Third, Free Postal Bible Study (Limited Availability), self-paced. It contains the 3-Level Advanced Bible Study, but not all at once, as with Free Online or Free Download study (with Certificates of Completion).

ADVANCED GIFTS COURSE BOOK 1 of 3: Bible Study on Spiritual Gifts, When He Ascended on High He Gave Gifts to Men (Eph 4:8) by Rick David, an Evangelist Fourth, Free Bible School classes (with Certificates of Completion). In certain cities we have conducted classes with certificates of completion. Likewise, there are others who want to make a difference with the gospel and therefore are organizing and conducting their own classes, in their home, community, or church, using the 3-Level Advanced Bible Study and related products. Perhaps you could too! The Free Teacher Guide shows you how to do it!

Fifth, Printed Bible Study Books (donation based). These are available in two sizes, Handbook (5.5 x 8.5 inch) and Workbook (8.5 x 11), and each one you order comes with a complete printed set of tests and quizzes associated with it. Also, you will receive one printed answer key. If you want to have your own printed copy for yourself, your family, friends, or group, this is the most cost effective printed solution available to you. For example, you can order a complete set of the entire 3-Level Advanced Bible Study at a special discount (6 Books with Tests), or you can order individual Bible study books with tests (Order Books Now!). The layflat workbooks (8.5 by 11 inch) are most excellent for readability and classroom/group study use with a desk or table. You can order the exact same books in handbook size (5.5 x 8.5 inch) for a smaller donation. These work well when you need a large paperback book size for use in your hands, when you do not have a table or desk for each student in your class. They are easier to hold in your hand.

ADVANCED WORSHIP COURSE BOOK 2: Bible Study on True Worshipers, for Such People the Father Seeks to Be His Worshipers (Jn 4:23) by Rick David, an Evangelist
Special Offer - All Bible Study Books (Basic and Advanced)
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Includes All Level 1, 2, & 3 Advanced Studies & Tests (Level 1 - Advanced Chronological Study of the Holy Bible, Level 2 - Bible Study on New Life, Bible Study on True Worshipers, Bible Study on the Regulations of Divine Worship, and Level 3 Bible Study on The Greater Gifts, Bible Study on The Non-Teaching Gifts). Handbook & Workbook Sizes Available

Free Teacher Guide for Organizing and Teaching Bible Studies, Seminars, & Classes with FBS For Teachers, Parents, Organizers, Evangelists, and Pastors use the Free Teacher Guide to help you successfully organize or teach the 3-Level Advanced Bible Study with your family, friends, church, or community. Come, Teach, & Grow! The Free Teacher Guide is one of the most popular products. Order Free Teacher Guide Now! | View Ebook Version. How others are using the Free Teacher Guide.

Use the Free Teacher Guide with Printed Bible Study Books or Free Online Study or Free Download Bible Studies. With the Free Teacher Guide, the 3-Level Advanced Bible Study, and Advertisements to help you register students for class, you can start your own free Bible study, class, or school (even with one person!).

Free Bible School Brochure Free Bible School POSTER Advertisement For Evangelists, Evangelines, and Outreachers, and Pastors, and Teachers we offer you the Free Tract Pack Sampler to help you share the word of Christ with others, and to help you register people for completing the 3-Level Advanced Bible Study. Use it to help you decide which tracts you wish to order in quantities now! (Order Free Tract Pack Sampler Now!). How Christians Are Using Them (Testimonials).

For Those Who Do Not Speak English, or wish to study with us in their own language, we offer you self-paced Bible studies in Arabic.

ADVANCED WORSHIP COURSE BOOK 3: Bible Study on The Regulations of Divine Worship, 'Now Even the First Covenant Had Regulations of Divine Worship' Hebrews 9:1 Finally, this ministry is our calling from God, a calling on which we must prove faithful to the Lord. We must "all with resolute heart... remain true to the Lord" (Ac 11:23). Therefore, let us constantly strive to improve ourselves and our products to serve one another and the Lord more perfectly, more truly (let us never stop improving in truth), specifically in regards to reaching the three goals of this ministry . Let us be committed to the truth. Let us care about the truth. Let us care about one another in the truth.

Let us rejoice over all who finish each level of study and the truth which they have learned. "I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth" (3 Jn 1:4). Likewise, we ought to have no greater sorrow than when our family, friends, community, or church are not walking in the truth.

Let us doubly rejoice over of each person who uses the Free Teacher Guide, the 3-Level Advanced Bible Study, and related products in a fitting way to organize or equip others with the truth of the gospel, like one's family, friends, community, church or group! I have no greater joy than this, to hear of you teaching the truth. But likewise, I have no greater sorrow than to hear that you are not teaching the truth, by neglect or error.

To those who love the truth, may God bless you richly! Your servant in the truth, Rick David

Rick David, an Evangelist, Author
About Rick David.

P.S. You can make a big difference in somebodies life with the gospel, an eternal one. Click here to find out more about how you can make a difference with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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