What people are saying about the Advanced Chronological Study of the Holy Bible (Level 1)

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“ It has opened my eyes and heart to the true meaning of the gospels. I will be able to change my life around with the knowledge I have gained.” Dee, North Carolina

“ I had no idea how much I didn’t know about the very basics. Thank you. I look forward to learning more. ” Ron, Canada

“ When I first started these studies I thought I knew a lot about the Bible to run my life in the right manner but actually I have found that I don’t know very much at all... I have learned so much from this and I think I was not on the right track until I studied this [salvation]... I have found the answers to keep me on the track in which God has intended for me to be. ” Mary, Indiana

“ This course may seem simple to some, but as an ordained minister that was losing a battle with Satan and losing all that has been taught to me, it is God sent \o/. I pray that many New Born and Old Born find this course as uplifting as I have. ” Pastor, Canada

“ This lesson was great and I thought that it was arranged so that anyone could... believe that Jesus is the Son of God. ” Diane, North Carolina

“ I love this Bible study because it is teaching me who God is and what I need to do (believe/trust and obey) in order to be in close relationship with Him. I am much encouraged and excited by it. ” Martha, Massachusetts

“ The most important new thing I learned in this lesson was the difference between true grace and false grace. There is so much false teaching that you must try hard to study the word of God in order to know the difference in what’s true and what’s false. ” Lola, New Jersey

“ I noticed that true and false gospel are extremely different in comparison. It’s funny when light is shed on things you’re in awe of it because I have heard preachers who preach false gospel, but because of lack of knowledge as the Bible says people perish. May God have mercy on those who are preaching that false grace or gospel. ” Zelfaron, New Jersey

“ The most important thing that I learned was what the gospel was and what I must do to obey the gospel. The thing that impacted me the most was that God left us all very specific directions, such as how to obey the gospel, and still people find them so hard to follow, including myself. This lesson showed me that there are things I must do to enter the kingdom of God and I will change my ways so that everything I do will please my God, my Father. ” Cayla, Wisconsin

Advanced Certificate of Completion “ I learned that “the gospel” is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and that some translations of the Bible are better than others. The fact that the Bible was written to lead all mankind to the Messiah [struck me the most]. I did not realize that is what God intended it for. I just thought it was a “rule” book from God. I have always known that God loves me but knowing that He has given us the Bible so that all mankind can be led to Him just makes me understand things better. ” Dennis, Texas

“ I learned that you must repent with sorrow in your heart and fix the wrong you have done. The marriage situations [struck me the most]. I need to live more by the word and I need to right some wrongs with some people. ” Rose, Alaska

“ I really felt there were things in my life I need to look at, I need to repent of and witness more than I do. The eyes of my heart are opening. ” Wanda, Washington

“ [I learned] how specific and strict the law is regarding marriage/divorce. I will be even more grateful and respectful of my own marriage, 34 years this February 28th by God’s grace. ” Fred, California

“ This is the best study I have come across in my 32 years as a Christian. Where were you in 1971???? Thanks so much for not arriving too late into my life. ” Socorro, Florida

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