What people are saying about The Bible Study on The Regulations of Divine Worship (Level 2)

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“ I was raised in church all my life, but I have never had the teaching impact me so much as I have through this study. I feel like I am reaching new levels in my Christianity and that is really exciting. ” Molly, Louisiana

“ What impacted me is the lesson on not forsaking the church. About two months ago, Jesus gave me a hunger to work and live the love (agape) of God in the church and this lesson just came at the right time to motivate me and teach me about it when I needed it the most. I believe it was sent by the Lord at the right time. ” Marthinus, Ireland

“ I can see how names have divided the church without us knowing it. There is so much division in the church without our realizing it. I thought there was nothing wrong in the names of denominations, but I have realized that it is the root cause of the division in the church. I wonder where the church is heading to? May God help us. ” Joseph, Nigeria

“ The most new important thing that I learned in this lesson is that there are so many false teachers out there teaching people false doctrines about Jesus, and leading people away from the church, and that we should not greet them, be hospitable to them or invite them into our homes. I believe that the thing that impacted me the most was how we must deal with the people in the church that are immoral. I always believed that if people were doing things that was not of God that He would judge them and that it was not our place in the church to judge them or to have them removed. ” Lola, New Jersey

“ I learned what the most important thing about the gospel was, the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. What impacted me the most was the Lord’s supper, the teaching about it. ” Samuel, Texas

“ What impacted me the most was the divine regulations of worship. ” Uwoma, Nigeria

“ The most important [new thing I learned] and the thing that impacted me the most was that fact that is says that women should not speak in the church. That women should not teach in the church. I have taught Bible study when my Pastor was out of town. I’m concerned now that it is not right. ” Anonymous

“ I learned how much i really don’t know about my behavior in my walk with God. ” Robin, California

“ What impacted me the most is studying who God is. We need to know who God is and how He operates. ” Michelle, Texas

“ All the missing pieces are being put in place by how thorough this has been put together. ” Cornell, Puerto Rico

“ I think the most I have got out of these lessons is how little I know about the word, I love it. ” Donald, Nevada

“The most important new thing I learned is the full explanation and clarification of the rules to follow when you gather. What impacted me the most is the discussion on breaking bread and the full discussion on “Worship in Spirit and Truth”. This is very good material. I feel that I am learning a lot and reinforcing old teachings. Every lesson makes me even more eager to get the next lesson.” James, Arizona

“ I learned how to worship in spirit and truth. ” Fitzgerald, New York

“ I am very impressed by this study and am really glad the Lord has opened my heart for instruction. I pray this thirst for his word will never depart my heart as my journey continues with him. ” Laurie, Tennessee

“ This course is awesome. It takes you to new levels with the Lord. I just cannot tell you what it has done for my faith and walk with God. It is absolutely wonderful. ” Tammy, USA

“ The whole lesson was an essential part of my growing in the knowledge of the gospel and it has broadened my mind in my purpose in the believing and worship [ related to ] of the gospel. ” James, New York

“ This is an important lesson, because some believers feel that once they are baptized they only need to go to church every so often to claim their Christianity, not understanding that once they begin reading the word it will give them instructions and guidelines for what they need to do as a believer. It is funny that I am completing this lesson now, because last week at Bible study I was ministering to a sister, and I was telling her that she needs to be in fellowship with other believers, because if not, her being alone gives Satan time to attack her in whatever area of life she is weak in at that particular time. And she agreed with me. I have been in touch with her about 2-3 times weekly giving her encouragement.” Karen, Texas

“ Sometimes the church easily just ignores some of the divine regulations of the Lord and that is away from the truth of the Word. ” Marthinus, Ireland

“ I learned that the Church has a duty to expose all immorality among members. The people in the Church just let things slide like adultery, homosexuality, divisions among members because they “don’t want to judge”. My worship has changed since I started these immaculate studies. I stopped my 3, 11 yr old, and myself from going to that P-anonymous Church. ” Lee, USA

“ The whole lesson helped clear up my misunderstandings of obedience and consequences of disobedience! What struck me the most is how the church dealt with my ex-fiance and I when we had a child out of wedlock now seems more clear to me, the reasons they did what they did. ” Annette, New York

“ What impacted me the most is how out of touch we are. I will indeed learn of Gods ways and worship Him with an open heart and mind. ” Marie, Kansas

I think it finally dawned on me that God has regulations for worship that we may not always understand. For example, going to church isn’t only about me. I need to understand that provoking others to love may be what I need to do. Better attendance is my goal now.

" This study has shown me that most churches fail to follow God’s commands regarding worship. I think it finally dawned on me that God has regulations for worship that we may not always understand. For example, going to church isn’t only about me. I need to understand that provoking others to love may be what I need to do. Better attendance is my goal now. What impacted me the most was the section on false teachers. Wow! I was raised to have 'manners' but have never felt good about or never have allowed Jehovah’s Witnesses into my home. I read somewhere once that we can knowing or unknowingly invite Satan into our homes. I was reminded of this while reading this section. Sometimes we do not recognize these false teachers for who they really are; Satan’s helpers. The lesson gave me some great examples of what not to say as greetings. I have learned a lot from this study. " Mary, NY

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