What people are saying about The Bible Study on the Greater Spiritual Gifts, and Non-Teaching Spiritual Gifts (Level 3)

ADVANCED GIFTS COURSE BOOK 1 of 3: Bible Study on The Greater Gifts, 'Earnestly Desire the Greater Gifts' (1 Cor 12:31) Teach It to Someone! | Order Book | Free Online Version | View Ebook Version (Greater Gifts) | View Ebook Version (Non-Teaching Gifts)

“ I have been a Christian for twenty years and have never come across more sound teaching as what I have studied. ” Shane, South Africa

“ What impacted me the most is the listing of the gifts and how tongues is last on the list. I will be seeking the greater gifts. ” Daniel, Pennsylvania

“ I can now understand well the meaning Greater Gift and lesser Gift. That impacted me the most, how you separated and ranked all the Gifts, there is the power of Spirit of God up on you. I will lead my ministry in further if God like, without any confusion. I like just to say thank you, may God bless you a lot. ” Placide Mboyo, South Africa

“ I learned how dependant we are on one another for individual spiritual growth. What impacted me was how easy it is to continue to believe a tradition or a lie until one tests it against the Word of God, like using titles – Wow! This study has caused me to really look into a number of things that I have been apart of, terms that I have used many times, and even some of the “watered down” criteria that has been used for placing well meaning folk for years. Now, the Bible states in Luke 12:48 "But anyone who is not aware that he is doing wrong will be punished only lightly. Much is required from those to whom much is given, for their responsibility is greater." TLB Thanks Free Bible Study, with the help of Almighty God and these studies, my husband and I are being conformed more and more into the image/likeness of Jesus Christ. ” Milton and Trixie, South Carolina

ADVANCED GIFTS COURSE BOOK 1 of 3: Bible Study on The Non-Teaching Gifts, 'We Have Gifts That Differ' (Ro 12:6) “ I learned the categories of the gifts and the rank. What impacted me the most is how we must address people who lead. I will not be addressing the title of any person who leads. ” Reshma, Trinidad and Tobago

“ The Lessons are delightful, I printed some of the lessons and took them to my Sunday School Class, now everybody in class said they were signing up for the class. ” LaVerne, Chicago

“ The most important new thing I learned in this lesson is that people need to qualify to even preach. Also I learned that because Prophets are the foundation of the Church there can't be anymore true prophets today. What impacted me the most was to learn that we are not supposed to use tittles, even religious ones to greet or introduce religious leaders. Now I know which Gifts of the Holy Spirit I can seek and qualify for and which gifts I have and how to use them. ” Vuyo, South Africa

“ I Learned why women must cover their heads and how important it is. ” Reshma, Trinidad and Tobago

“ The most important thing I learned is about the use of titles. I never looked at it as a sign of making yourself equal to God, above others or to set yourself above others, however now I can see how this would be. I will take a different approach on how others address me. ” John

“ I was not aware of what the gifts really were and I thought that the gift of tongues was the greatest gift. ” Pauline, Jamaica

“ I've learned more about the different gifts and how they work in the church. This will help me change my way of teaching about the different gifts. Your lesson really has helped me in my study in God's word. Thanks a lot. ” Joe, Georgia

“ I learned that many denominations and Gods Word does not always line up. What impacted me the most is the gift of Tongues and how this gift is misused today. For years, we have been asked if we had the first sign of being called a Child of God with the evidence of speaking in tongues. We have been told some time ago that one can not be filled with the Holy Ghost until one can speak in an unknown tongue. Thanks to the Living Word and Free Bible Study, our thoughts, our beliefs, our very feelings were confirmed through this study. Thanks!!!! ” Milton, South Carolina

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