What people are saying about The Bible Study on New Life(Level 2)

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“ This is truly the strong point of Christian maturity, as this will give me the mindset and character to serve the Lord and the church. Truly wonderful lesson. I thank God for this lesson, as it was what I needed to initiate the beginning of the rest of my life with God and Christ. Thank you. ” James, New York

“ I have learned the importance of holiness in the life of a Christian. What struck me most is that ‘Without holiness no one can see the Lord.’ ” Pastor, Cameroon

“ It showed me I need to watch everything I say and how I say it. ” Fred, California

“ I learned that I must perfect holiness in my life and that I must make sure that I’m in holy relationships in my life. What impacted me the most was the teaching on proper language and speech as it relates to God. The teaching has made me think about how to say things in the proper way so that I will not speak improper or vain words. ” Lola, New Jersey

“ [I have learned...] to avoid any binding agreement with unbelievers. This will lead me to perfection. ” Uwoma, Nigeria

“ The uniform that God wants us to wear [struck me the most]. I will advise those who are not aware of this uniform especially advising women to cover their heads. ” David, South Africa

“ This study was very informative with its complete explanation of what it means to take the Lord’s name in vain. Without this study, I would have never fully understood the magnitude, or the great weight of this commandment. ” Angela, Florida

“ I learned what holiness and perfecting really means and how to change my life to live that holiness. To live a perfect and holy life is the way that we live, talk, think, dress and even choose the people that we have relationships and agreements with. ” Marthinus, Ireland

“ What impacted me the most was to learn about the adornment for women in this lesson, also learn how to be more holy too. ” Kathy, North Carolina

“ The adornment part [impacted me the most]. I have a strong urge to cover my head now because we used to wear a head covering at a Catholic church I went to when I was little. ” Veronica, Louisiana

“I am impacted by the fact that to be dressed properly is more than having on appropriate outer garments, we must be adorned from within. ” Evelyn, Virginia

“ I learned about how God expects us to dress as women and the fact men’s heads are to be uncovered and women’s covered. ” Colene, Nebraska

“ How to overcome the opponent of Holiness [struck me the most] . ” Lynette, California

“ It is plain that this course is utterly important for anyone who longs for growing in holiness. ” Amimar, Morocco

“ I gained knowledge about what I have been struggling with for years 1 Tim 2:4-10. It gives me great joy. ” Lucy, Great Britain

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