What people are saying about The Bible Study on True Worshipers (Level 2)

ADVANCED WORSHIP COURSE BOOK 2: Bible Study on True Worshipers, for Such People the Father Seeks to Be His Worshipers (Jn 4:23) by Rick David, an Evangelist Teach It to Someone! | Order Book | Free Online Version | View Ebook

" I honestly did not know that contemporary worship was in the flesh... this was never taught in our church, and I never heard it before. It makes A LOT of sense though. " Abigail, Pennsylvania

" This study is very deep and it also allows one to examine his/her worship towards God. " Michelle, South Africa

" I have learned that the way that most Christians are, like myself are blind to the real truth of how we should be living our lives for Christ. And this course has opened my eyes to a lot of erroneous teachings that go on in our churches today that need to be corrected, but in a spirit of love. Praise God. " Don, West Virginia

"As a result of this study, I pray that the Holy Spirit will help me to worship God in all that I do and say in His way and not what I think or how I feel. " Wayne, Bermuda

" I learned that some things that we call worship is in error! " Terrie, Louisiana

" I learned that God really cares how we worship. " John, Georgia

" I learned exactly how I am to worship in spirit. I will be listening closely to the songs and music to make sure it is the right way in which to worship God. " Joslyn, Virginia

" That many people think they can worship any way they please and believe they will receive eternal life. I need to find a good Bible believing church again. I also need to keep my focus on the true way to worship and not to follow the crowd. " Robert, Pennsylvania

" I learned that Jesus condemned religious titles. It is not about doctorates nor masters and titles, it is about God. This has really done a lot for me in my life, it has open new thing for me and I want to go all the way with this course. " Ferdinand

" It impressed upon me that proper worship is really important- not how we want to worship God but how God wants us to worship Him. I should really change the way I worship because I want to please God. " Jinny, Philippines

" I have learn't that not every Bible gives me the true utterance of God's holy word. What impacted me the most was the divisiveness issues and the doctrine teachings. Never thought that a simple thing like a name could cause such great division amongst Godís people. It will surely help me to worship God in the way He designed me to; in spirit and in truth, to lift his name and glorify him alone. " Sandra, South Africa

" I learned about the [divisive] names of different churches. How self centered we are. I need to make sure that I worship the way God wants me to. " Alice, Oregon

" The most important new thing I learned was about the tongues. I knew that from reading that people needed an interpreter and not everyone speaks in tongues, but people told me otherwise and had me convinced that you had to have it to have the Holy Spirit. I will go off what I read and not what people tell me unless I can see it for myself in the Bible. " Giacomo, North Carolina

" I learned that there are people who want to change the Bible. They want to take away Gods masculinity. I will watch what Bibles I use, buy, read, etc... " Jamie, Tennessee

" I did not know that a genderless teaching even existed. This was very interesting to me, it proves to me that we a drawing closer and closer to the end." Agape Love, Diane, Florida

" What impacted me the most was the false interpretation of the Bible (Gender Battle). " Tohlang Andries, South Africa

" The most important new thing discovered is that faith is not based on a place or where one worships but is focused in a person. The thing that impacted me the most is that most people do still follow the broad way by living the fleshly life despite the teaching that narrow is the way that leads to eternal life. This study as a whole digs deeper in to the Bible and not only will it change me but the entire community around me since this gospel must be spread for He said, 'Go and spread the gospel'. " Samwel, Kenya

" I have been obliged to know more about Christ Jesus. I have concentrated so much on the Old Testament before my starting this school. I have been able to know now that Jesus coming to this world to die for my sins has wiped out the most difficult commandments in the O.T. I am very pleased. God bless those who created this wonderful site. " Richard, Germany

" The way of your worshipping changes the closer you get to God. " Manie, South Africa

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