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Call Upon the Name of The Lord
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Call Upon the Name of the Lord to Be Saved. We need to show others the way in which God intended for us to call upon His name to be saved. Should we call upon Him in prayer or in baptism to be saved? In the Bible, how did they call upon the name of the Lord to be saved?

Receieve Jesus Christ
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Receive Jesus Christ into Your Heart. Let us help everybody understand the way to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. How do you accept Jesus, as they say, into your heart? How did the first Christians do it? How is this different than what people are teaching today? Do I have to obey God to receive Jesus?

What Is Baptism?
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Baptism, Is It Sprinkling, Pouring, or Immersion? Let others know the meaning of the word “baptism”. What does the word baptism mean? Is it sprinkling, pouring, immersion, or something else? How does the Bible define and exemplify it? What is the right way to be baptized?

What Must I Do to Be Saved?
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What Must I Do to Be Saved? Help people understand what they must do to be saved. It has everything to do with obeying the gospel. But what is the gospel? How does it relate to my salvation? What do we need to know about God to be saved? What do we need to obey to be saved?

I Hate Divorce
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I Hate Divorce, Says the Lord. In this age of marital unfaithfulness, we need to let everybody know why God hates divorce. God made it clear that He is opposed to it. Indeed, He made an extremely strong statement against it, saying, “ ‘I hate divorce’, says the Lord” (Malachi 2:16). But why does He hate it? What is there to hate about divorce? Why doesn’t He like it? Why can’t He tolerate it? How should God’s attitude about divorce affect us?

You Will Not Die!
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Eternal Security, “You Surely Will Not Die!” Alert everybody to this slithery lie about eternal life! What was the very first religious lie which the Devil taught to Adam and Eve? How did believing it affect their right to eat of the “tree of life”, meaning to have or receive eternal life? Did they live forever? Did they receive eternal life? What is the difference between “eternal security” and eternal life? Indeed, has God said that there are any conditions to being saved? Are there any conditions to having eternal life?

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True Worshipers
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True Worshipers. Let everybody know the style of worship which God is seeking. Is it “Traditional” or “Contemporary”? Which kind of worship did Jesus say is true? Did Jesus command us to worship in a certain way, style, or format? How is Christian worship to be different than other kinds of worship?

Partiality Towards Names
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Partiality - Party Titles / Divisiveness. What should we call or name ourselves as a church? Is there an example in the Bible of Christians naming themselves improperly or divisively? What is the sin of partiality towards names and how bad a sin is it? Help Christians divide themselves from other Christians without being divisive!

A Vert Important Vocabulary Lesson for Christians
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Teach the teachers (and members) the way to speak the word of God, not men. This tract answers questions like these: Am I speaking the word of God or men? Are words and teachings like these in the Bible: Denominationalism and Non-Denominationalism, Legalism, Traditional or Contemporary, Rapture, Acappella, and more? Should we be praising or condemning worshipers based on whether or not they believe these teachings?

The Church or the Christ?
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Warn members of Christ how to put God first, not their church or church "movement" or certain elements of it. This tract answers questions like these: What should I emphasize to those who are not a member of my church? Am I placing more importance on the Christ or our church? Into what was I baptized, the church or the Christ? When I got saved or when I received Christ I was added to what, the saved or the church? Of what am I a member? I need to tell others about what, the church or the Christ, the good confession or the "church confession"? Was the church crucified for me?

Quiz on Spiritual Gifts
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Spiritual Gifts. Let every Christian know about spiritual gifts. What are they? What is their purpose? What is the difference between the gift of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit? What kinds or categories of spiritual gifts are there? What are the greatest spiritual gifts? Which spiritual gifts do I have?

What Is the Subject of This Passage?
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Help disciples properly interpret passages of Scripture. This tract answers questions like these: What is the subject of a passage? What are its points? What are its illustrations? How can you tell the difference between the three? What happens when we make a point or illustration the subject? Should one of the points or illustrations in a passage be the subject? What should be the subject? What should be the points? What should be the illustrations?

Plates and Cups or Body and Blood?
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Show Christians how to eat the Lord's Supper without being hypocritical or divisive. This tract answers questions like these: What is the meaning and purpose of the Lord’s Supper? What should be emphasized during it? Did Jesus want his disciples to remember Him in the plate and in the container, or in eating and drinking? Which is nore important and in what order: the plate and the cup, the contents there in, or what the contents represent? What should we have in our minds during the Lord’s Supper? Are plates and cups essential to the Lord’s Supper?

Truth vs Opinion: Everyone Is Entitled to His Own Opinion, Right?

Why Do Worshipers Gather in Names of Creatures? Why do so many worshipers gather in the names of creatures? Friend, Jesus promised to be with those who gather in His name to worship God, not another’s. For example, Jesus said: “Where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst” (Mt 18:20). But why do so many gather to worship in somebody else’s name, like the name of a creature, such as, Menno Simons (Mennonites), Jacob Amman (Amish), Martin Luther (Lutherans), and so on and so forth?

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