You Can Share the Gospel, with FBS Materials!

What Must I Do to Be Saved? You personally can make a difference in someone’s life with the gospel, because:

“The gospel... is the power of God for salvation to everyone” (Ro 1:16).

So, rise up and use “the gospel... the power of God” to make the most important difference in someone's life, an eternal difference. Is there anything more important than being saved by the gospel of Jesus Christ, than receiving eternal life? We can help you make a difference! You can organize or teach our Bible studies with your family, friends, community, or group.

Our Free Teacher Guide shows you how to do it! With our free Teacher Guide and free studies, you can start your own Free Bible Study, Class, School, or Fellowship (even with one person!), with your family, community, church group, friends, or coworkers.

Our Tracts help you share the gospel with others. They work with our Free Teacher Guide and our three level curriculum. Use FBS Fellowship to share “the gospel... the power of God for salvation to everyone” (Ro 1:16).

Rick David