Test on the One Baptism of the Christian Faith (Eph 4:5)
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1. In the gospel of Jesus Christ, there are 6 different, not similar, kinds or forms or types of baptisms. List and define each one.

Note: Hebrews 6:1,2 says that an “elementary teaching about the Christ” is “baptisms,” plural. So, from the start of knowing Jesus, there is more than one baptism to learn, not just one.

2. Men have added several more “baptisms” to the Christian faith which are evidently not in the gospel. What are they? List and define as many as you can.

3. Yet, the gospel says that “there is... one baptism” (Eph 4:4, 5) of the Christian faith. Which one is it? Define and explain it.

Note: In other words, there is only one (not more than one) baptism that all who believe in Jesus Christ must experience. What is it? Which of the 6 plus baptisms is the “one baptism” of the Christian faith?

4. What is the Greek meaning or definition of the word “baptism”?

Note: The New Testament was originally written in the Greek language of Jesus’ day. And for some reason, it is the custom of most all Bible translators to not translate into our language the Greek-related word “baptism”. So, the word “baptism” is not a translated word into our/your language. So, because it has not been translated from the Greek into our language, we must learn or study the exact Greek meaning of it.

5. The word “baptism” is a “transliteration,” not a translation. What does this mean? What is the difference between a translation and a transliteration? What if the Gospel was completely transliterated, not translated?

6. In the gospel, there is a synonym for the word baptism. What is it? What does it mean? Even though the translators did not translate the Greek-related word “baptism,” how does this synonym truly and profoundly help define what is the one baptism of the Christian faith?

7. Like the “one baptism,” is there “one prayer” of the Christian faith that all who believe in Jesus Christ must recite or offer to God for salvation? Why or why not? What is the one prayer of the Christian faith? Please explain.

8. “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Ro 10:13). But, how has Christ specifically commanded us to do this? Similarly, in the book of the Acts of the Apostles, how have they exemplified leading others to do it? Was it in the “one baptism” of the Christian faith or in prayer? Please explain.

9. “The true grace of God” says “baptism now saves us” (Please Read 1 Peter 5:12; 3:21). How can this be? Now, grace means favor. So God truly favors the “one baptism” of the Christian faith. Why does he favor it or why did He say that it saves us? For what stated reason does it save us?

Hint: The one reason God favors baptism, in a saving way, is because baptism is directly related to another essential “one” of the Christian faith listed in Ephesians 4:4. What is this essential one? 1 Peter 3:21 states is as well, in connection to baptism.

10. The thief on the cross next to Jesus was saved, evidently without being baptized (SEE Luke 23:39-43). How can this be? For what two obvious reasons was it not necessary for the thief on the cross to experience the “one baptism” of the Christian faith, and yet still be saved?

Hint: One reason relates to question 9, the resurrection. The other reason relates to the timing of when Christian baptism was commanded, in Matthew 28:18, 19.

11. Do you need to experience the "one baptism" of the Christian faith? Why or why not? Please explain.

12. Of all the baptisms listed in this study (God made and man made), what “baptism” or “baptisms” have you truly experienced in the past?

13. What new things have you learned in this study?

In other words, in what ways have you grown in your knowledge of the one baptism of the Christian faith?

14. Do you have any questions or comments?

15. Would you like to share the “one baptism” of the Christian faith with your family, friends, community, or church?

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