Test on the One God of the Bible (Eph 4:4-6)

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1. How can God be one God, yet at the same time more than one person?

2. “There is... one Spirit,... one Lord,... one God and Father” (Eph 4:4-6). Who exactly are each of these three different ones? Today, what is their unique and individual special purpose, role, function, or duty?

3. How do we know that God has never changed as a person, that he has always existed in three persons, and will always exist in three persons?

4. Why do some think that God has changed as a person, or changed into a different person, such as the Son of God turning into the Father in heaven?

5. Why do some baptize in Jesus’ name only?

6. How important is it to know who is God, even in three persons?

7. What new things have you learned in this study?

In other words, in what ways have you grown in your knowledge of the one God of the Bible?

8. Do you have any questions or comments?

9. Would you like to share the “one Spirit... one Lord.... one God and Father” of the Bible with your family, friends, community, or church?

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