Donation Based Studies & Outreach Packs
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(A) ALL-IN-1-BINDER $29.00

"I love my binder and am putting it to very good use. I feel I'm learning
a lot about God's word!" -- Anna, Student
All-In-One Binder   
 . All Studies/Tests in 1 Handy Binder
 . The Complete Bible Study Series
 . All Basic/Advanced Studies/Level 1-3
 . All Tests & Answer Keys
 . One Set of Tracts
 . 3-Hole Removable / Copyable Paper
 . Excellent for Individuals or Teachers
 . Full Color
 . 8.5. x 11 inches
 . $29.00 Donation
 . Independently Study Salvation,
   Worship, & Spiritual Gifts

"Everything you need to register students for your own FBS Bible study, including all teaching materials." -- Rick David, Evangelist and Author of FBS
  • For Outreachers, Organizers, Sponsors, Teachers, Evangelists, or Pastors
  • Personalilzed Printed FBS Tracts & Advertisements (VIEW EXAMPLES)
  • Your Name/Contact Info on All Tracts/Adverts
  • Includes Tracts, Posters, Business Cards, PostCards
  • Full Color
  • Excellent Way to Begin Weekly One-On-One Studies or Form Group Studies
  • Helps You Start, Organize, & Grow an FBS Fellowship in Your Home or Area
  • PLUS! Includes $29.00 "All-In-One Binder", with All Studies, Tests, Keys
  • Great Bible Study Layout/Format Flow for Regular/Weekly Scheduled Studies
  • PLUS!PLUS! A CD of All Personalized Tracts/Adverts So That You Can Print More When You Need Them
  • Register Students/Members for FBS Bible Studies, Classes, or Seminars
  • You Do Not Have to Be Called to Teach to Use this Outreacher Pack
  • Anyone Who Has a Talent to Get People Together Can Use It
  • You Can Simply Go Through the Studies/Tests Together and Discuss Them
  • Together Study Salvation, Worship, & Spiritual Gifts