PART 2 - Bible Study on New Life, 'Walk in Newness of Life' Ro 6:4 Teach It! Testimonials!

Bible Study on New Life, Walk in Newness of Life (Ro 6:4) STEP 1 - Below, Read, Watch, or Listen to All Lessons in Order Listed
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5. READ: God's Team Must Practice Together to Strengthen One Another in Holiness - Teams get together to strengthen their individual and group playing skills. Godís team ought to get together to strengthen [that is encourage] their individual and group holiness. Only practice in the true way, form, or style. Follow every regulation of Christian team practice. Only play your God-given team position(s).

6. READ: God's Team Must Stay in the League of Holiness - Teams play in certain leagues. Godís team must only play in the league of holiness. Members must perfect [mature] holiness [separation] in their relationships. To avoid sinning, prevent yourselves from getting into certain binding agreements with unbelievers. Separate yourselves from any unholy relationship with unbelievers or believers.

7. READ: God's Team Must Wear Holy Uniforms - Teams wear uniforms to distinguish themselves from other teams. Godís team distinguishes itself by wearing the Messiah. Clothe yourself with righteous acts. Put on your wedding clothes. Wear proper vs. improper uniforms. Wear gender specific uniforms. Women ought to wear a covering, not men.

8. READ: God's Team Must Talk Holy - Teams have certain ways of talking, a certain vocabulary. Godís team must talk holy. Enrich your speech. Consider the seriousness of misusing Godís name. Avoid direct and indirect misuse of the name of the Lord. Avoid direct and indirect foul and profane language. Donít play the fool! Instead be a joy. Seek to instigate joy.

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