PART 1 - Bible Study on New Life, 'Walk in Newness of Life' Ro 6:4 Teach It! Testimonials!

"This is truly the strong point of Christian maturity, as this will give me the mindset & character to serve the Lord & the church. A truly wonderful lesson, for which I thank God, as it was what I needed to initiate the beginning of the rest of my life with God & Christ. Thank you." -James, NY

Bible Study on New Life, Walk in Newness of Life (Ro 6:4) STEP 1 - Below, Read, Watch, or Listen to All Lessons in Order Listed
STEP 2 - Complete TEST 1 ON NEW LIFE
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1. READ: How to Become a Member of God's Holy Team - Teams in this world have membership requirements. To join Godís team, you must be born again. One cannot be ďborn ChristianĒ. So your life must change in certain and significant ways. Itís all about obeying the Gospel, which is the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. You must somehow imitate or reenact Christís death, burial, and resurrection.

2. READ: God's Team Goal is Holiness - Teams have goals. Godís team goal is holiness. We seek a holy God. We seek a holy life. Does your Christianity separate you from anything? It must or else you are not a true Christian.

3. READ: God's Team Has an Opponent of Holiness - Teams have opponents who try to defeat them. Our adversary, the devil, will try to defeat us in reaching our holy goal. Consider your enemy! Consider his equipment, his playing field, his power, his created nature, and his doom.

4. READ: God Equips His Team to Win Through Holiness - Teams have equipment to help them successfully play their game. When we join Godís team, He equips us with the Holy Spirit to live within our hearts. He is the Spirit of truth, which is the exact ďpieceĒ of equipment we need to battle against our enemy of lies, the devil. God knew we needed truth to win, so He sent the Holy Spirit of truth within our hearts, and He also gave us the written word of truth, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Put on the full armor of God! Get equipped by holy teachers.

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