QUIZ ON EMPHASIS The Church or The Christ?

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WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT? Obedience or Sacrifices? Love or Knowledge? Sacrifice or Compassion? Faith With or Without Works? Receiving Salvation or a Gift of The Holy Spirit? A Man or A Woman? The Gold or The Altar? The Temple or God? The Plate or The Body? The Blood or The Cup? The Old or The New Testament? Loving God or Doing What He Said? Rick David, an Evangelist & Author of FreeBibleStudy.org

1. When Did the Christian Age Begin?

2. What Specific Thing Marked the Beginning of the Christian Age?

3. What Is the Main/Specific Subject of Peterís Preaching in Acts Chapter Two?

4. Those Who Received Peterís Gospel Message Were Added to What? [Acts 2]

5. Of What Are You a Member?

6. Into What Were You Baptized?

7. We Need To Tell Others About What?

8. Was The Church Crucified for You?

(a) What most important NEW thing(s) did you learn?
(b) What impacted you the MOST?
(c) How will it change your WORSHIP?

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