QUIZ ON LORDS SUPPER Plates & Cups or Body & Blood?

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1. What Is the Lordís Supper?

2. Was the Plate Crucified for You?

3. Did a Cup, or One Cup, Ooze Out of Christ While He Was on the Cross and Did It Fall to the Ground with a Bang?

4. Were You Redeemed with a Cup and a Plate?

5. Does the Physical Plate Represent the Body of Jesus Christ?

6. Does the Physical Cup Represent the Blood of Jesus Christ?

7. Is There Any Significance in an Empty Plate or in an Empty Cup?

8. Did Jesus Want His Disciples to Remember Him in the Plate and in the Container, or in Eating and Drinking?

9. What Was the Subject of Christís Teaching on the Lordís Supper?

10. Did Paul Pass on to the Corinthians What He also Received, a Remembrance of the Plate and the Container?

11. Which Is More Important and in What Order: the Plate and the Cup, the Contents There in, or What the Contents Represent?

12. What Ought to Be Emphasized During the Lordís Supper, Plates and Cups?

13. What Should We Have in Our Minds During the Lordís Supper, the Plate and the Container?

14. Are Plates and Cups Essential to the Lordís Supper?

15. Should We Condemn and Withdraw from Christians Who Do Not Think a Plate or a Cup Is Essential to Their Lordís Supper?

(a) What most important NEW thing(s) did you learn?
(b) What impacted you the MOST?
(c) How will it change your WORSHIP?

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