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Jesus encouraged us to worship God. For example, He even said to His enemy, the Devil, 'worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only' (Mt 4:10). But Jesus also judged some people’s worship as wrong, saying, 'in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men' (Mt 15:9). And so we can see that some people’s worship is useless [vain] in the eyes of the Lord.

But how can our worship be worth something in the sight of God? What is the right way to worship God? Is there a right way to worship God? Is it in 'Traditional' or 'Contemporary'? What other kinds of worship are there? Are they all worth something in the sight of God? Would He judge any of them as vain, worthless, or false? What kind of worship is valuable and true? Did Jesus teach or require a specific kind, form, or style of worship?

When you complete this self-test quiz you will know the exact answer to these questions.

Now, do you know the true way in which to worship God? It has everything to do with you becoming the kind or style of worshiper that Jesus said God seeks, recognizes, and validates. I encourage you to practice true worship, not any other. Rick David

ALERT! This quiz tests your current knowledge about Christian worship. If you cannot answer very well, do not worry about it. You will study all of these questions next in the actual study on true worshipers. So please answer as best as you can and then continue on to Part 1 Bible Study on True Worshipers. Thank you.

1. Should We Worship God in Traditional or Contemporary?

2. Define Traditional and Contemporary.

3. What other kinds of worship are there?

4. Are Christians united on how to worship God?

5. How is Christian worship to be different than other kinds of worship?

6. How can you tell what is Christian worship and what is not?

7. What is the subject of this passage? John 4:19-26

8. Which kind of worship did Jesus say is true? (Jn 4:23).

9. What does it mean to “worship in spirit and truth”?

10. Why did Jesus command or require us to worship in this way? (SEE Jn 4:23, 24)

11. What is the opposite of true worship?

12. BONUS QUESTION: Give several examples from the Bible of worship or worshipers whom God sought or rejected. Why did He seek or reject it or them?

(a) What most important NEW thing(s) did you learn?
(b) What impacted you the MOST?
(c) How will it change your WORSHIP?

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