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Rick David Listen to why I want to speak to your church or family about certain subjects in the gospel (for free).

There is a lot of confusion over certain key subjects in the gospel of Jesus Christ, such as salvation, worship, the gifts of God and more. So, as an evangelist, I want to come to your church or your family and friends to point out some verses to you to help clear up the confusion on these subjects and more. For example:

1. How does one call on the name of the Lord to be saved, in prayer or in water baptism?

"For whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved" (Ro 10:13). Indeed, salvation is found in calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to depend on Him for our salvation from our sins. But, how did Jesus instruct His disciples to do this? Was it to be done in prayer or in water baptism? This is where the confusion lies.

So, I want to personally point out to your church the key verses which clearly indicate how Jesus and the apostles instructed others to call on the name of the Lord to be saved. Then you can do and teach the same.

In my Advanced Chronological Study of the Holy Bible, I point out to you the verses which clear up the confusion over how to call on the name of the Lord to be saved (see the lessons Go make disciples of all nations, How Jesus said we must be saved, How the apostles said we must be saved, We can be saved by calling on the name of the Lord in water baptism, and in the quiz Must we call on the name of the Lord to be saved in prayer or in baptism?).

2. How should we worship God, in traditional, contemporary, or what?

There is a lot of confusion on how to worship God through Christ. There are many different styles and forms of worship offered by todays churches. Yet, Jesus said, "True worshipers will worship God in spirit and truth"(Jn 4:23), not in traditional or contemporary or something else. For Jesus said His Father is only seeking groups of worshipers who will worship Him in this way or style, "For such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers" (Jn 4:23).

So, I want to come to you to point out the keys to what it means to worship the Father in spirit and truth, and how this is different than worshiping God in traditional, contemporary, or something else.

3. There is so much more confusion over other essential subjects in the gospel.

For example, by faith, and Lord willing, I want to come to you to point out the keys to these questions (all key verses can be found in my free three level Bible study):

Which translations of the Bible are reliable: Gender Neutral Bibles, Commentary Bibles, Simplified Bibles, Gender Inclusive Bibles, Literal Bibles, Dynamic Equivalent Bibles, Proprietary Bibles (The New World Translation / Exclusive to the Jehovah's Witnesses), the Mormon Bible, Amplified Bibles, and so on and so forth? Does it matter?

Is God one or three in one? How can God be one, and yet three persons? Is God one person or three persons? Is Jesus the Father? Is Jesus deity? Should we worship Jesus? Should we worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?

There are five baptisms mentioned in the gospel. Which one is the "one baptism" that Ephesians 4 says is the one baptism on which we need to be united? Is this speaking about the baptism of the Holy Spirit or water baptism? What is the difference between the two?

Is baptism sprinkling, pouring, or immersion, and does it matter?

What is the good confession? Why should we make it? How is it different than repentance? For salvation, should we confess we are a sinner or that we believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God? Who is Jesus?

What does it mean to be saved by grace through faith? Does grace and faith include repentance and baptism? What is the true grace of God on these things and more?

What does it mean to repent? What is the difference between fornication and adultery? Is adultery only an affair? Why did Jesus say that if any man marry a divorced woman, He is committing adultery (Mt 5:32)? Why does God hate divorce? Why was it wrong for King Herod to marry another man's wife? Why did Jesus say that if we divorce and remarry we are committing adultery? I thought adultery was only having an affair?

Are there any rules and regulations for worshiping the Father through Christ, or is it all about having a relationship with God? What kind of relationship does God the Father want us to have with Him through His Son? Can we have a relationship with God without truth? Does God save rebels? Is the relationship God wants with us a regulated one or not?

What is the difference between the gift, gifts, baptism, and fruit of the Holy Spirit? These are four different things, though they are all related to the Holy Spirit of God.

What are the "greater gifts"? Why does the Bible call them the greater gifts? What are the three categories or kinds of spiritual gifts? What gifts do I have? What gifts can I have?

What is the meaning and purpose of the gift of tongues? Is it a private prayer language or the means by which one is supposed to preach the gospel to foreigners in their own language? Is the gift of tongues a "greater gift"?


Do not wait. Call me or write today. Make arrangements for me to come to speak to your church, family, or friends about certain key topics in the gospel (No Obligation). Help clear up the confusion in the kingdom of God, in your family, and among your friends.

1. Complete Invitation Form Below!,
2. Call me directly now: 717-224-3235, or
3. Write me at: Box 163, Quarryville, PA 17566.

Or, if you yourself would like to introduce any of these subjects to your church, family, or friends I highly recommend that you get a my Free Teacher Guide and the free studies which go with it free download studies, or Free Online Studies, or Donation Based Printed Copies.

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Listen to what disciples are saying about my Advanced Chronological Study of the Holy Bible

“ It has opened my eyes and heart to the true meaning of the gospels. I will be able to change my life around with the knowledge I have gained.” Dee, North Carolina

“ This study is the best I have come across in my 32 years as a Christian. Where were you in 1971???? Thanks so much for not arriving too late into my life.” Socorro, Florida

“Now I am a true believer because before I had my doubts but now after this lesson I truly believe the Bible and God and Jesus to be true and not something that is made up like others believe. I BELIEVE.” Berkerria, Florida

Listen to what disciples are saying about my Bible Study on New Life

ADVANCED WORSHIP COURSE BOOK 1: Bible Study on New Life, Walk in Newness of Life (Ro 6:4) by Rick David, an Evangelist, Author of “ This is a wonderful lesson. It is a must for all Christians to learn.” Leke, Nigeria

“ This is truly the strong point of Christian maturity. It was what I needed to initiate the beginning of the rest of my life with God and Christ. Thank you.” James, New York

“ I WISH I HAD COME ACROSS YOUR TEACHINGS EARLIER AS POSSIBLE and adjust my view of the word of God. God bless you and your ministry.” Julius, Kenya

Listen to what disciples are saying about my Bible Study on True Worshipers

ADVANCED WORSHIP COURSE BOOK 2: Bible Study on True Worshipers, for Such People the Father Seeks to Be His Worshipers (Jn 4:23) by Rick David, an Evangelist “ This study is very deep and it also allows one to examine his/her worship towards God.” Michelle, South Africa

“ I learned that God really cares how we worship.” John, Georgia

“ It impressed upon me that proper worship is really important- not how we want to worship God but how God wants us to worship Him.” Jinny, Philippines

Listen to what disciples are saying about my Bible Study on the Regulations of Divine Worship

ADVANCED WORSHIP COURSE BOOK 3: Bible Study on The Regulations of Divine Worship, 'Now Even the First Covenant Had Regulations of Divine Worship' Hebrews 9:1 “ The most important new thing I learned was the full explanation and clarification of the rules to follow when you gather. This is very good material.” James, Arizona

“ I learned how to worship in spirit and truth.” Fitzgerald, New York

“ All the missing pieces are being put in place by how thorough this has been put together.” Cornell, Puerto Rico

Listen to what disciples are saying about my Bible Study on the Greater Gifts and the Non-Teaching Gifts

ADVANCED GIFTS COURSE BOOK 1 of 3: Bible Study on Spiritual Gifts, When He Ascended on High He Gave Gifts to Men (Eph 4:8) by Rick David, an Evangelist “ I can now understand well the meaning Greater Gift and lesser Gift. That impacted me the most, how you separated and ranked all the Gifts, there is the power of Spirit of God up on you. I will lead my ministry in further if God like, without any confusion. I like just to say thank you, may God bless you a lot.” Placide Mboyo, South Africa

“ What impacted me the most is the listing of the gifts and how tongues is last on the list. I will be seeking the greater gifts.” Daniel, Pennsylvania

“ I have been a Christian for twenty years and have never come across more sound teaching as what I have studied.” Shane, South Africa

Would you like me to speak on a different subject?

If you wish for me to introduce or speak on a different subject, please let me know about it. I look forward to hearing from you and the chance to speak to your church or family and friends about these very interesting and important subjects.

In Jesus' name, Rick, an evangelist, author of these studies.

" The Church in Iyunga Brethren, I cannot be ashamed to inform you that they learned many things from you through your Bible lessons which you taught. We have learned through your action & theoretical. The Brethren here are not ashamed to begin to practice. May the Lord bless you with your family." In Christ Samuel, Tanzania

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