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You Can Organize or Teach an FBS Bible Study with Your Family, Friends, Community, Church, or Group!

Free Teacher Guide for Organizing and Teaching Bible Studies, Seminars, & Classes with Rick David's Free Bible Study Curriculum Order Form Below!

The Free Teacher Guide helps you do it!

You can organize or teach a study in your own home with your family or friends.

You can organize or teach a study with your community in meeting places designed for groups, such as hotels, church buildings, and more.

Use the Free Teacher Guide to help you organize or teach FBS Bible studies and classes with your church, with anyone around the world, even with one person!

The Free Teacher Guide is for parents, teachers, evangelists, pastors, organizers, helpers and supporters; for anyone interested in organizing or teaching FBS Bible studies.

If you would like work to reach excellent goals in your own life, and in the lives of others, like your family, friends, church, or community, then the Free Teacher Guide is for you!

Works with Free Online, Free Download, or Printed Books.

Download version includes all printable tests, answer keys, tracts, and advertisements to help you register students for class.

. Step by step Lesson Plans for each Level of study (1/2, 1, & 2 hour formats).

. Specialized Quizzes for each lesson in a study.

. Tips on how to advertise, organize or teach classes, seminars, and more.

Teacher Guide Does Not Include Bible Studies. First View Ebook Version to be sure you can use it! Look at How Christians Are Using the Teacher Guide.

* Only DOWNLOAD Has Adverts, Tracts, and Answer Keys!
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Free Teacher Guide Download Comes with Advertisements and Tracts. Includes brochure, poster, business card, and postcard reproducible files.

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