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Organize a true worshipers group in your home or community! Share your story on becoming true worshipers.

Share Your Story on Becoming True Worshipers!

ADVANCED WORSHIP COURSE BOOK 2: Bible Study on True Worshipers, for Such People the Father Seeks to Be His Worshipers (Jn 4:23) by Rick David, an Evangelist To help others on their journey to the land of true worshipers, please answer the following seven questions and mail them to:

FBS, Box 163 Quarryville, PA 17566 USA.

Encourage others along their way to the land of true worshipers! Christians need your help. They need your advice. They need to see how you came to do something the right way in your own group's worship of God so that they then can be strengthened to do it the right way as well.

I want your permission to use your story to encourage and help others on their journey to become the kind of worshipers whom God seeks, including myself and my family and friends in Christ around the world.

1. What motivated you, your family, or group to become true worshipers?

In other words, what thing marked the beginning of your journey to become truer and more spiritual in your worship of God? How did it all start?

2. In what specific ways have you become truer or spiritual in your worship of God?

For example, what verses in the Bible are you now practicing and why? For what reasons have you stopped practicing certain things because it was wrong or not true to the spirit or truth of God?

3. In what other ways do you intend or hope to become truer and spiritual in your worship of God?

In other words, do you have an awareness of other things which need to change for the better in your worship? If so, what are these ways that ought to change and why?

4. How has God used or to help you along the way to becoming true worshipers?

For example, which study from this ministry impressed or impacted you the most and why? What verses have you learned and from which specific lesson or specific Bible study have you learned them? What or who led you to this ministry? What teachings have you learned from this ministry, or which ones have impacted you the most?

5. As you started your journey to become true worshipers, what struggles and difficulties have you had along the way? How did you overcome each one of them or not yet overcome them and why?

There are many, many things which groups of worshipers are doing which are not in keeping with the spirit or truth of God (if you digested the truths in The Bible Study on True Worshipers, then you know very well what I mean). So, at the start, as a church, heading in a better direction, even on one basic point, will be very difficult and may suffer much opposing head winds to defeat the journey. For example, Paul said if anyone wants to live right, he will suffer persecution. So, how did your church deal with a certain matter of the spirit or truth of God? In what ways did the spirit and the truth unite you or separate you from those who did or did not wish to follow it? Sometimes, a church will make a change for the better. But, many other times, churches are not willing to do so. What did you do about it? Even so, how can or did you and yours practice the truth on an issue of worship?

6. In the future, how do you plan or intend to use or

For example, how will you use the Free Teacher Guide, a certain Bible study we offer, or the other products and services available to you and your church in this ministry?

7. What else would you like to share with FBS or others about this ministry or your journey to the land of true worshipers?

For example, what do you think you need to say that people ought to hear? What more can they learn from your efforts to become true worshipers? Do you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections that will help us to improve or serve you better in this ministry? How can we more perfectly help other worshipers become more true and more spiritual in their worship of God? Do you have any prayer requests?

Thank you sharing your story, with the longing and expectation to help others along the way.

Your brother on the journey to the land of true worshipers, through Christ Jesus, the Son of God, forever and ever. Amen. Rick David

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