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Take an Unforgettable Journey through the Bible, with FBS!

Never before have you been on such an impressive, challenging, adventurous, and rewarding journey through the holy Bible. There is no other journey like it! Nothing compares to it! But, can you endure it? Will you make it to the end?

Walk through the land of the knowledge of God!

Travel to the land of the knowledge of God (Level 1). It is an awesome land! It is a fearsome land, filled with delights and dread!

Go on the chronological journey through the entire land of the Bible. You will see the whole land. You will see all kinds of things therein.

When you finish walking about it, you will be so impressed with the lay of the land that your knowledge of God and His loving, tender, and holy plan for your life will never be the same! Impressive!

After going through this land, will your life ever be the same again? How will you know, unless you journey through the land of the knowledge of God (Level 1)?

Take the journey to the land of true worshipers!

Wow! As I behold it in the distance, I see that this is a land which reflects the very nature of God! Awesome! Holy! Sacred!

Like Moses, when you behold the holiness of this land, this holy burning bush of God, if you will, you might be so moved and admonished by it that you may strongly desire to take off your figurative shoes of worship sin. For this is holy ground!

When you get to this land, when you behold it with your minds eye, your worship will never be the same. Can it be the same? Should it be the same?

When you get finished traveling about this land, will your worship ever be the same again? How will you know, unless you go through the land of true worshipers (Level 2)?

Travel to the land of many talents!

Marvel at the gems in this place! Behold, the gold in this land is the finest gold I have ever seen! Oh, the silver, the diamonds, the gems are so exquisite. In a word, beautiful! Yea, and lo, these talents are truly beautiful. They are the wealth of God. For he gives these gems to those who are on the journey to the land of the knowledge of God and to the land of true worshipers.

Explore the land of talents. It is a land of plenty! As you survey the topography of the talents, the mountains of gold, the valleys of silver, the rivers of pure water, and the like, you will be equipped to do more for God and Christianity than you have ever done before!

In this journey, prepare to bear more holy fruit. Anticipate sweeter, riper, more abundant bountiful fruit in your life. Welcome the harvest of spiritual talent that you will develop and reap from this delightful journey.

Throw away your rotten fruit, which has been blighted by sensuality. For rotten fruit cannot be made holy. It is not good to be eaten. Are you eating rotten fruit? Are you feeding it to others? What are you serving up to your family and friends, or even to the world?

When you finish walking about the land of talents, will your talents ever be the same again? How will you know the answer to this question, unless you take the trek to the land of many talents (Level 3)?

Should I go it alone on this journey or with others?

You can take the FBS Journey yourself, individually, or altogether with your family and friends, community, or church. The Free Teacher Guide helps you organize and teach others.

Who will go along with you on the journey through the Bible? Who should go on the journey with you? Who will finish the adventure? Who will finish it well and who will not? What kind of growth will God cause in you along the way? How will you know, unless you begin the journey today?

But, most of all, do not go without the Holy Spirit! Let Him be your guide. Travel with Him. He will guide you safely through the whole journey of faith. Yet, know this first of all and most of all and over all and in all, that the spirit of God is holy. Do you love the spirit of holiness? What if you do? What if you don't? How will this affect your journey through the Bible?

How should I prepare for the journey?

Read the map which God gave to you. Keep reading the map which God gave to you. Look at it every day for guidance. In this way, your journey through the Bible with FBS will be much easier and fruitful. Otherwise, I say that your journey with FBS will be much more difficult and nearly, nearly impossible. You will not make good progress. So, are you reading the Bible daily? If not, will you today read the Bible daily?

Get ready for major changes in your life. Get ready to draw closer to the truth. Be ready to draw closer to God.

Love God. If you do so, you will also love this journey. But, it will not be easy. You must overcome many obstacles along the way to successfully finish the journey, and to finish it well. The blessings of God only come to those who walk toward Him by faith, not to those who shrink back from Him by doubt or indifference.

Now, are you ready to go to the land of the knowledge of God? Will you seek the land of true worshipers? Would you like to travel to the land of many talents?

Why not get started on your journey today? Why not lead others to those lands as well?

What are others saying who made it to the end of the journey?

“Hi. I’ve put off writing this letter because I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a whining Christian baby. I feel so sad now that these lessons are done. They were a big part of my life that took me so much further in my Christian walk. I learned so many things about the roll of a Christian and even a lot more about myself. I’ve taken many study courses from many different Christian groups but never have I had such a fulfilling journey through the lessons of Truth and Faith as I have with these studies. I know I was led to the right place at the right time because I had so many unanswered questions that put my heart in the wrong place.” Your friend in Christ, Sharon

"I praise & thank God for such a great intense Bible study. It opened my heart to a greater understanding of our LORD Jesus Christ & the love He has for His true Church. I am very blessed to have completed all three levels. I give this Bible course an excellent praise in Christ our LORD. Peace. Be blessed. Thanks." Caroline, Michigan

“When I first started these studies I thought I knew a lot about the Bible to run my life in the right manner but actually I have found that I don’t know very much at all... I have learned so much from this and I think I was not on the right track until I studied this [salvation]... I have found the answers to keep me on the track in which God has intended for me to be.” Mary, Indiana

“This course may seem simple to some, but as an ordained minister that was losing a battle with Satan and losing all that has been taught to me, it is God sent \o/. I pray that many New Born and Old Born find this course as uplifting as I have.” Pastor, Canada

Has everyone made it through the unique journey through the Bible with FBS?

No. Unfortunately, and regrettably, just like the parable of the sower, for a variety of reasons many, many have discontinued the journey with us.

Did these let the Holy Spirit be their guide?

Let not this discourage you from beginning and finishing this unique journey through the Bible with FBS. Let nothing discourage you from being guided by the Holy Spirit.

Your true and beloved friend, and fellow guide, Rick David.

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