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Free Teacher Guide for Organizing and Teaching Bible Studies, Seminars, & Classes with Rick David's Free Bible Study Curriculum "I have Bible study at my home so this material will be used graciously. Thank you." Zola, Forida

"This will initially be my wife and I to grow together in God as a couple. I hope to use this to work with other couples." Scott, CA

"I've been searching for this type of Bible study for quite some time. I plan to have Bible study with my family and expect to be able to have my family spread the news in whatever fashion God leads us--group Bible study, or individuals who are confident in the faith AND facts to lead others to Christ. Thank you in advance for an answered prayer!" Scott, TN


"I do home schooling for my 2 children,so I will incorperate this study into our daily schedule. Also it will help me , in my walk with my AWESOME LORD. AMEN. Dorothy, Florida

"How will I teach with these free materials? I run our Men's Ministry and hold weekly meetings at my home or at our church Grace Awakening." Adrian, California

"I will be teaching my nieces and nephews and anybody else who wants to know more about the Bible." Tonia, Arkansas

"I will teach this material at Bible study on Wednesday night." Willie, Georgia

"I and my co workers of the church we use this materials for cell group Bible study every first week of the month and last week of the month." Rey, Philippines

"I will be teaching the young adults." James, Ohio

"I will use the materials in our ladies home Bible study." Apri, Texas

"I will be teaching youth and teens." Falisa, Alabama

"I will be teaching my grand children." Lorraine, Arkansas


"I plan to use these materials to offer Bible studies at the Union Gospel Missions." Curtis, Washington

"I will be teaching teenagers in a classroom who have never had any church/faith background. Most have never been in a church, Sunday School at all." Dinah, New Zealand

"Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to join your ministry and work in Pakistan. I work in poor christian. I have 12 pastors in my ministry but we are self support. If you want then contact with me. I am chairman of my ministry we are (registered) in Pakistan. God bless you and yours in Christ." S, Pakistan

"I will be teaching my congregations. I am also preaching at schools, mass crusade, conferences etc." John, South Africa

"I will be teaching the church were I pastor." Taurai, Zimbabwe

"I will be teaching my sister and 2 newphews right now before they get older" Teresa, Texas

"I will be having Bible study in the privacy of my apartment with a few other chritians therefore, this shall be a great encouragement for us. I desire the sincere milk of the word. This a a good start in being obedient to the voice of God. Thank you so very much." Deborah, Missouri

"I will teach my grandchilden." Barbara, Missouri

"I'll teach Saturday morning here at my local store." Ernesto, Mexico

"Home Bible study." Tonya, Illinois

"I would like to use it as curriculum in my senior high Sunday school class." Rod, New England

"I do home schooling for my 2 children,so I will incorperate this study into our daily schedule. Also it will help me , in my walk with my AWESOME LORD. AMEN. Dorothy, Florida

"I would want to teach my family and friends on getting spirituual gifts and just about our FATHERS word ." Enedelia, Indiana

"Hello, Thanks for the Free material! I will be teaching some Family members, Friends, Co-workers, Neighbors and Strangers! Thanks." Denise, Florida

"My family first and then my friends." Scott, Wisconsin

"I want to have a study course at home with my children. I may invite a friend or neighbor as well but mainly for my family. They don't get much out of Sunday school aside from crafts and they need to learn the Word now, while they are still fairly young (ages 13 and 9)." Lisa, Minnisota

"At my church during services." Thatayaone, Botswana

"I am starting a bible study group in the Nursing Home where I work." Faith, New Mexico

"At home with family and friends." Beatrice, New York

"A small group of friends in my home." Barry, Illinois

"I will teach it with the women and children of our church, who are beginners and are at unrest now in several areas of their lives. I feel we need to get the word of God out into the public. This is a very trying time in our culture. Also, it will spread, with the lords help, into the families, who are really in need of the true God and his plans for all of us." Paula, Idaho

"My husband is a new believer and wants to learn more about the bible, and invite his cousin and a couple of friends to learn with him." Terri, Texas

"I have small niecess nephews and children that are freinds of mines my husband and anyone that come to me after hearing about the study. I have a lady that we are think about having home study nite. My pastor had said will need to start have study time, pray, prasie time we each other or the other in homes." Barbara, Oklahoma

"I will teach a group of people in my bible study group in college." Bronx, New York

"I am hoping to share with inmates in the program that I am involved with. There are several eager students that could benefit greatly. Thanks for what you do." Justin, Florida

"Juveniles and young adults, I will teach it at Juvenile Centers and group homes." Jacob, Pennslvania

"I would like to use the material for me and my husbands Tuesday and Thursday night bible study we have together." Yolanda, Georgia

"For the church,families,worship leaders,youth & others." Lebogang, South Africa