What people are saying

“ This course is awesome. It takes you to new levels with the Lord. I just cannot tell you what it has done for my faith & walk with God. It is absolutely wonderful. ” Tammy, USA

“ I am very impressed by this study and am really glad the Lord has opened my heart for instruction. I pray this thirst for his word will never depart my heart as my journey continues with him. ” Laurie, Tennessee

“ Absolutely wonderful--how I have enjoyed this course (all 3 Levels) words cannot explain. I have learned so much & this--all that I have studied has been an insurmountable blessing to me. It has made me a more attentive Christian to God and others! Thank all of you and may God bless each of you richly! ” Love, Anna, South Carolina

“ Hi. I’ve put off writing this letter because I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a whining Christian baby. I feel so sad now that these lessons are done. They were a big part of my life that took me so much further in my Christian walk. I learned so many things about the roll of a Christian and even a lot more about myself. I’ve taken many study courses from many different Christian groups but never have I had such a fulfilling journey through the lessons of Truth and Faith as I have with these studies. I know I was led to the right place at the right time because I had so many unanswered questions that put my heart in the wrong place. ” Your friend in Christ, Sharon

" I have been obliged to know more about Christ Jesus. I have concentrated so much on the Old Testament before my starting this school. I have been able to know now that Jesus coming to this world to die for my sins has wiped out the most difficult commandments in the O.T. I am very pleased. God bless those who created this wonderful site. " Richard, Germany

" I received the certificates of completion. I was most grateful. I praise & thank God for such a great intense Bible study. It opened my heart to a greater understanding of our LORD Jesus Christ & the love He has for His true Church. I am very blessed to have completed all three levels. I give this Bible course an excellent praise in Christ our LORD. Peace. Be blessed. Thanks. " Caroline, Michigan

" I want to tell you I work 8 different Bible studies & yours is by far the most knowledgeable & awesome & accurate study. Thank you & God bless. " Jonathan, Virginia

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"I have Bible study at my home so this material will be used graciously. Thank you." Zola, Forida
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