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Organize a true worshipers group in your home or community! Share your story on becoming true worshipers.
Organize a True Worshipers Group in Your Home or Community! Share your story.

Three Steps to Make It Happen (Realize, Internalize, Do!)

ADVANCED WORSHIP COURSE BOOK 2: Bible Study on True Worshipers, for Such People the Father Seeks to Be His Worshipers (Jn 4:23) by Rick David, an Evangelist

Step 1 - Realize that Jesus wants you to do it, so do it!

You can organize a true worshipers group in your home or community, because it is God's will that you do so. God wants you and yours to be a group of true worshipers. Jesus said it Himself.

"But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth" (John 4:23, 24).

So, God only seeks groups of true worshipers, who worship Him in spirit and truth, not in something else! But, what does it mean to worship God in spirit and truth? What is true and spiritual regarding the worship of God and what is not? Why does God only seek groups of true worshipers? What will happen to groups of false worshipers?

If you studied the characteristics and habits of true worshipers in my Bible Study on "True Worshipers... for Such People the Father Seeks to Be His Worshipers" (Jn 4:23), then you have been informed of the many principled differences between true and false worshipers. And if you understand the importance and value of this subject, below, you ought to logically then take the next step and begin to internalize it, to let it motivate you to do something about it in your life and in the lives of your fellow worshipers or would be worshipers in your community, and even around the world. For it is a most essential and urgent subject!

Step 2 - Make God's desire, your desire (personalize it, internalize it).

Concerning this matter, is God's desire your heart's desire?

Ho! I will tell you a secret. A thing happens because someone wants it or wills it to happen. And when that thing is the same thing which God wants or wills to happen, then there are two of you who want that thing to happen (namely, you and God). So, in this you are not alone.

It is God's will that you and yours become true worshipers, for Jesus said so. And if you studied about this subject in the Bible Study on "True Worshipers... for Such People the Father Seeks to Be His Worshipers" (Jn 4:23), then you know for sure that this is God's hearts desire for all worshipers. Also, you know more perfectly what it means to be true worshipers. You know better which churches God seeks and does not seek. You are aware of which forms of worship, and even certain elements of worship, which God seeks or ignores. For today, many forms and elements of worship are at odds with the spirit and truth of God's word, and are instead the exact opposite of this, namely sensual and erring.

So, after you realize God's will on this matter, it then starts with you wanting to do what God wants you to do. It starts with your own internal desire or will to become, along with other willing people, a group of true worshipers. It starts with you wanting or loving what is true in regards to how to worship God through the spirit and the truth which have been revealed to us in Jesus Christ.

If you value the truth about worshiping God correctly, according to His spirit and His truth, and want to gather together with others who would value it as well, then why not aim to satisfy your noble and good desire? It is God's will. Make it your will. Be determined. You got to want it. Do you want yourself and your family and your people to be true worshipers?

If so, then below, you ought to take the third and final step. Equip yourself to make it happen amongst yourselves, your family, your friends, your community, and even all over the world, if this is your calling to do so.

Become a student or students of true worship. Be intentional about it, otherwise some other intentions will grow and blossom, things which do not measure up to the spirit and the truth in Christ. Even in a good, fertile field, weeds will grow, unless one intentionally plows it over, turning the ground and what it contains upside down, then planting an abundance of good seed, and finally cultivating and weeding it to eventually produce a harvest! Do you understand the meaning of this comparable to becoming a group of true worshipers?

It will take a lot of work and skill to become true worshipers, to establish, plant, and cultivate the field of true worshipers in your family, church, and location. But it is so worth it! It is God's will on earth. Thy will be done, through you, the one who desires to be or have a group of true worshipers and all of the associated benefits, blessings, and assurances from God which come from it.

Step 3 - Do it! Begin to organize and equip yourself and your people to become a group or groups of true worshipers.

Below, I recommend several things which you can do to equip yourself and your people for the journey to the land of true worshipers. Blessed are those who are true in their worship of God, for they shall see God, and worship Him forever. This satisfies them.

Take the risk! Be the risk taker!

Listen! If you agree with the first two steps (one, that it is God's will for you to become true worshipers, and so you have His blessing to do so, and two, if you have internalized it and made it your heart's desire as well, since it is His heart's desire), you then need to be, third, the risk taker. Do something about it. Be a risk taker.

No risk, no reward. Noting ventured, nothing gained. No risk, no true worshipers. So, take it upon yourself to make it happen. Take responsibility for it. Make it a matter of personal responsibility. Take it personally. Be insistent. Be zealous. Make it happen.

With every person you approach with this matter, you do not know what will be the outcome. But how will you know the outcome if you do not bring up the subject to people? So, you must risk it. Be the risk taker. It is how things get done or decided, through someone attempting to do so, through risk taking, through attempts. Make attempts. Man would not have flown if man did not take the risks to do so. Christ would not have come to earth if He was not willing to risk it to accomplish man's salvation. He risked it. Cannot you risk it?

Remember this one thing: God works through individuals to get people to do something. God worked through the person of Jesus Christ to get people to be saved. Likewise, God desires to work through individual disciples, you, an individual, to get worshipers to be spiritual and true in their collective worship of Him. So, if you sense that God is leading you to do this, then in some fitting way in His sight, take the necessary risks to do make it happen.

So, in regards to this matter, be the hands and feet and heart of Jesus towards other worshipers. Carry the banner of true worshipers. Make it your business in life, not for monetary increase, but for the increase of groups of true worshipers. Make it your mission in life.

Complete the Bible Study on True Worshipers

First and foremost, you yourself need to fully inform yourself on this holy subject. You need to heighten your own awareness of it. You need to become well versed on it, thoroughly. You need to gain a great sense and appreciation of what it means and what it does not mean to be true worshipers. Otherwise, how will you know what you are doing? How can you make it happen if you do not yet know what it is? How then could you inform others about it?

So, first I recommend that you yourself complete The Bible Study on True Worshipers, along with the two tests which come with it. Grade yourself on it. Test yourself on it. Examine your understanding of it. Compare your answers to the tests with the answer keys for them. Prove to be knowledgeable and conversant on the subject of true worshipers. For if you do not yet even know what it means to be true worshipers, how then will you, by the principles and virtue or benefits of it, convince anyone else (like your family and friends or community) to be one with you and God?

Believe me, if you complete The Bible Study on True Worshipers with the intention to learn what it truly means to be such a group of people, then you will learn a lot about it. You will have been given by God the means, the knowledge of how to cause a group of people to become true worshipers. In this study, if you are intentional about it, not indifferent, God will give you a great start or beginning to the whole subject.

Also, you will have enough detail concerning what it means to be a group of true worshipers, so that you can be thorough on every aspect of this subject, not shallow, but deep. For it is a deep study which examines the very nature of a group's worship, comparing it to what is true. As Michelle from South Africa said about The Bible Study on True Worshipers,

"This study is very deep and it also allows one to examine his/her worship towards God."

So, get deep on the subject. Attempt to swim in the deep end of it. Complete The Bible Study on True Worshipers to deeply examine and test your own worship and the worship of your family and friends and community. Get knowledgeable on this subject. Study it. Use The Bible study on True Worshipers to deepen your knowledge of this all important subject.

Use the Teacher Guide, and other tools to organize and train your family, friends, and worshipers.

I realize that nothing gets done, at least not done well, if it is not well organized. So, I recommend that you get a copy of the Free Teacher Guide. It will help you to organize your family, friends, and community so that you can help guide them into becoming a group of true worshipers. For it has been designed for this very purpose. You can use it every step of the way.

The free download version also has invitations and tracts to help you inform, invite, communicate, share, or register others to join you and be trained with FBS studies.

Mature your understanding of the subject of Christian worship, and also what it means to be a Christian.

In addition to the Bible Study on True Worshipers, I have written two other important studies on the topic of Christian worship to complete and perfect your own understanding of it (namely, The Bible Study on New Life, and the Bible Study on the Regulations of Divine Worship, along with tests and answer keys, so that you can test and evaluate your understanding of these things).

Likewise, to settle your foundation, and to realize all of your talents, I recommend that you also complete The Advanced Chronological Study of the Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, and the Bible Study on the Greater Spiritual Gifts, and Non-Teaching Spiritual Gifts. Each of these studies also comes with tests and answer keys. For you ought to test and evaluate yourself on these topics, even the basic ones. For, if there are many false worshipers, who are not true to the spirit and truth of God on the subject of worship, then there are even many more who are not becoming Christians according to the spirit and truth of God, but according to the opinion and spirit of man, the traditions of men, not God. So, beware! Prepare yourself to help people with the foundational issues about Jesus Christ, salvation, and the like. The Advanced Chronological Study of the Holy Bible will help you to do it.

Finally, the journey to become true worshipers is a most noble one. Yet, we know that it is a most difficult one to navigate, traverse, or walk. However, we must travel on this path, since we desire God to seek us as true worshipers, not ignore us as false ones, even on that great day of the judgment of God. So, let us resolve to continually strive to become what God is seeking in regards to worship. Amen.

With warmest regards, Pat Rick David Yanello, an evangelist and author of The Bible Study on "True Worshipers... For Such People the Father Seeks to Be his Worshipers" (Jn 4:23).

P.S. Share your story on becoming true worshipers.

It will help others to do the same!

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