Bible Study on Weaknesses for Consoling Suffering Christians

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Course Summary
God Builds with Broken Tools?

1. READ: Endure Your Weak & Suffering Life - Learn from the apostle Paul as he teaches Christians, us, why our sufferings do not even compare to the glory that is waiting to be given to us. Some far greater life is planned for us, but it cannot be found in this world. If you think you are one of the few who suffer, think again, because suffering involves the whole world. Yet, even our suffering works for the good. Suffering cannot separate us from God, but it draws us closer to Him.

2. READ: Find God's Purpose in Your Weakness or Suffering - Find the hidden meaning in suffering as Paul explains why he was suffering. He knew that through his suffering and weaknesses he would gain ability to comfort others. He knew that his suffering could help others find and believe in Godís Son. He also would be able, after suffering, to help develop the quality of patience in others. During one of his most terrible sufferings he learned not to trust in himself or in his abilities, but rather in God who has the power to raise the dead. Those are some of the most valuable lessons we can learn from our sufferings.

3. READ: Be Blameless Through Suffering - Was he an evil doer? Did he deserve his suffering? No. He was a godly man. There was no other religious person on earth that was as devoted to God as he was. Job was a man who was right with God. Yet, he suffered much. We could say he lost it all, except his own life. But even his own body was marked with disease. Job had children, servants, and great riches. He suffered the loss of all these things, not one of them was left. Why? The devil attacked him. This suffering was a severe test of his faith in God. But he suffered well by accepting these things. He spoke well of God. He kept himself from sin. He did not blame God. Learn from Job how you can be blameless through your suffering.

Be a Reformer vs. Part of the Problem

Jesus Came to Reform Our Worship,
Now's the Time "of reformation" He 9:10

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