Welcome and greetings!

(1) First of all, let me greet you and welcome you to this ministry! My name is Rick David. I am an evangelist and author of this Free Bible Study curriculum. I am very glad that God led you here to this ministry, for one reason. We have very excellent and noble goals which I want you to pursue together with us and God. For example, (Please Continue Reading Below)

By the favor of God, we aim to help individuals, families, and groups (1) to be saved by the gospel/DBR, (2) to be the kind of worshipers that God seeks, and to (3) to discover and fulfill all of their spiritual gifts. This is a noble work. Join in with it. For example, You personally can share the gospel, with FBS materials.

As you can see in the following reviews, people are learning some very meaningful things about God from this ministry.

Reviews: Advanced Chronological Study of the Holy Bible

Reviews: Bible Study on New Life

Bible Study on True Worshipers

Bible Study on the Regulations of Divine Worship

Bible Study on Spiritual Gifts

So why not come, learn, and grow for free? Why not come, teach, and help others grow for free? Why not come, worship, and grow, freely? Register Now!

(2) I am nothing, and that God is everything! I am not worthy to untie the shoes of the Lord! I once was lost, but now I am found. Through the mercy of God our Father, I have been saved from my sins, by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, God's one and only Son. I have not earned my salvation! Jesus earned it for me on His cross. And now He has strengthened me and called me to serve Him and you in this ministry of the word of God, which has and is bearing fruit all over the world, for the glory of the Lord Himself.

) (3) I have written an accelerated, three level Bible study which is being used by tens of thousands of people all over the world. I published it in English, but now I have partnered with, Samuel Mawakasungula, a minister of the Gospel and the Church in Iyunga, Mbeya, Tanzania, to bring you my studies in Kiswahili! (fall 2011/spring 2012 estimated earliest availability). Also, Wissam, a dear brother from Iraq, has begun to translate the Basic Course in to Arabic. This is an exciting time for this ministry indeed! Please, I beg you, to pray for this ministry and translation work. May we be empowered by God in the Spirit to fulfill it!

(4) There are many frequently asked questions. But know this, that I/we are a non-profit ministry, not a church. I/we do not promote a man-made statement of faith (it's not inspired by God), but instead encourage Christians everywhere to only promote the holy Scriptures as the statement of faith (it is inspired by God). I/we do not award titles or talents for studying the Bible. God is the one who gives talents to Christians as He sees fit (SEE 1 Cor 12:11; 18; etc.). And so, all I/we can do is help you learn about all of the talents which God gives, and help you to discover what He gave to you, and then encourage you to use it/them. I encourage you to complete my Bible Study on Spiritual Gifts to learn all you can about the gifts and talents which God gave to you. They are very, very important!

(5) Use the Contact Information for special requests or questions (we may not be able to reply immediately, so do not be discouraged!).

(6) I/we offer (1) Free Bible Courses with Certificates of Completion, (2) Free Seminars, and (3) Free Teacher Materials and/or Training (Limited Offer & Locations). Freely I have received, freely I give. I am trusting God for support!

(7) I encourage you to complete every one of these Bible studies so that you can be fully trained in the word of God. Register Now!

I encourage you to use these Free Bible Studies, Tests, and Tracts to teach others and/or to organize, conduct, or start a worship service in your home or community.

I hope that this ministry encourages you to do all these things and more.

Finally, if you want to grow in the Christian faith, and receive the greatest benefits from this ministry, I recommend & encourage you to Request a Free Class or Seminar. I've been invited to speak all over the world & conducted seminars & Bible studies in church buildings, hotels, restaurants, homes, etc. Also, if you teach the Bible to others or would like to organize a Bible study, I encourage you to Order A Free Teacher Guide to Organize or Teach FBS Bible Studies with Family, Friends, of Groups.

Favor and peace to you from the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. Rick David, a Minister of the Gospel (Evangelist), Author of FreeBibleStudy.org

P.S. Please pray for me that I preach and teach the word of Christ as I ought to, with all boldness. And pray for my family!

-- Rick David, an Evangelist & Author of FreeBibleStudy.org About Rick David