PART 1 - Bible Study on 'True Worshipers... For Such People the Father Seeks to Be His Worshipers' Jn 4:23 Teach It! Testimonials!
ADVANCED WORSHIP COURSE BOOK 1: Bible Study on True vs. False Worship for Christians Who Want to Be Recognized by the Father, Not Ignored

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1. READ: What Is the Right Way to Worship God? - When the woman at the well perceived that Jesus was a prophet, she quit talking about well water and immediately brought up the debate about how “men ought to worship” God. She knew that there were differences between the way that her people worshiped and the way that His people worshiped. So Jesus began to tell her the right way to worship God, the characteristics and habits of true worshipers. Today, with so many different forms and styles of worship, we need to go back to the “worship drawing board” with Jesus to have the same kind of discussion. On His answer our worship must depend.

2. READ: A Very Important Vocabulary Lesson for Christians - Before we study the details of Jesus’ teaching about true worshipers, the characteristics and habits they exemplify, we ought to define some terms related to worship today which are competing against it. This will help us to more perfectly focus in on what is true and what is not true in regards to Christian worship.

3. READ: Why Study the Differences Between True and False Worshipers? - Jesus informed the woman at the well that His Father is seeking a certain kind of worshiper, a true kind. This indicates that certain kinds of worshipers, and their forms of worship, are false or deceitful. Therefore, His Father is not seeking them, but instead He is ignoring them. Indeed, God will judge false worshipers. For this reason and others we must learn the differences between true and false worshipers so that we can then prove to be true.

4. READ: Focus on a Person, Not a Place - Like the woman at the well indicated, many worshipers are focused in on a “place” of worship, not a person, namely God. The Old Testament focused its worshipers on a place, while the New Testament centers its worshipers on a person, Jesus Christ. The building of God is no longer in Jerusalem, but it is where two or three Christians are gathered together in the name of Jesus Christ. The people assembled for worship are His temple in the Spirit. Yet, today, many worshipers who claim to be Christian do not gather in Jesus’ name alone, but in other religious men’s names. This takes the glory away from Christ. God will not give His glory to another. But it is worse than this. Favoritism towards other forms of names divides worshipers even further away from each other and from Christ. We need to turn the kingdom of God back toward Jesus and simply be Christians, not something else since it contends against the truth.

5. READ: Worship the Father, Not a Genderless Being - Jesus taught the woman at the well that true worshipers will worship the Father. God is a Father. Jesus is His one and only Son. These are gender specific terms. They are gender specific Persons! Yet many worshipers want a genderless God. So some “translators” have removed a lot of the masculine gender from their Bibles. This not only distorts the word of God, it distorts who God is. To be considered true worshipers, we must worship God as a Father, and Jesus as His Son. Otherwise, we are not worshiping the Lord as He revealed Himself to us. We must not pervert who God is or “feminize” Bibles.

True Worshipers [Printable PDF Worksheet]

"I think this study will help me understand more about my Lord. In a world where we have too many false prophets who say they are from God, it is important to strengthen our Christian foundations to not be confused and to make a difference [distinction] between the people of God and the people from evil." Amarilis Rijos, Puerto Rico

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