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1. READ: Covenants Have Regulations of Worship

When it comes to being a Christian, many worshipers do not believe that it has anything to do with obeying certain rules and regulations. Yet the kind of relationship which God wants with His worshipers is a regulated one. The Christian covenant has rules and regulations which govern one’s conduct in life and in the household of God, during worship. Brethren, there are very serious consequences for breaking these regulations or remaining ignorant of them. God does not save rebels! So we must be ruly, not unruly.

2. READ: Review the Heart, the Essence of True Worship

Friends, the nature of our worship must reflect the nature of our God, His personality. It must be spiritual and truthful, not sensual and erring. For God is spirit and truth, not flesh and error. So, the nature and character of our worship must be the same. Simply because of God’s nature, His personality, He only can accept or relate to worship, or elements of it, that are according to that nature. Likewise, He can only accept or relate to groups of worshipers who worship Him in a way that is in keeping with His character.

Now, there are many things in the Scriptures which mark worshipers as worshiping God in flesh, not in spirit, not according to God’s true nature. This could include the kind of music that we sing, prayers that we submit to God, covenant we follow, style of worship that we promote or practice, the way that we “name” ourselves as a church, and much more. Likewise, there are many things which mark worshipers as worshiping God in error, not in truth; things such as promoting ourselves, our own opinions, and our own traditions over Christ and His truth. So, we must renew our minds with Christ’s teachings about true worshipers, the characteristics and habits that they demonstrate and in which they grow.

3. READ: Beloved, Understand Whom We Worship

All throughout the Bible we find evidence of who God actually is. The Old Covenant began to describe Him as an “Us” and an “Our” and as “the Spirit”. The New Covenant more completely described the “Us” as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; three separate and distinct persons. Our God, whom we worship, is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

4. READ: Church, Observe the True Meaning of the Word Worship

When it comes to worshiping our God, many worshipers have not yet learned and put into practice one of the most essential , relevant, and reverent aspects of it. Throughout the whole Bible, from the beginning of the Old Testament to the worship activity in heaven (as recorded in the book of Revelation), true worshipers have demonstrated the sacred meaning of the word; to bend the knee in worship of God. In its most authentic use, this is what the word worship means. Let us, like them, practice it together during worship!

5. READ: Friend, Observe the Regulation to Attend Worship, with a Purpose

From now on and into eternity, God wants people to worship Him, together, through Jesus Christ, His Son. There are many reasons for this. First, we have commandment to do so, to be in the habit of attending worship services. But there is more to it than just attendance. God wants every Christian to join in the assembly, but to come with the purpose to motivate members of the assembly (with their gifts and talents) to be much more loving and also heavily involved in good works. So we must come to worship with a purpose to increase people’s love for God and man (and women and children) and to encourage each other to do excellent things with our lives.

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