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1. READ: Beloved, Know How to Conduct Yourself During Worship

On the door of His house (church), our Father has posted a code of ďconductĒ for His children to follow when they enter his household to worship Him. It controls the kind of words that we ought to speak while in it, and even who should be speaking words in His home. Likewise, it governs the adornment of His daughters, what they ought to wear while in His house. The code guides us in selecting who ought to lead us in worship and who should follow. It influences how we should treat, honor, and respect each member of His household, the young and the old, male and female, and so on and so forth. Through a written code of conduct, the Lord wants to steer and direct the behavior of each member in His household to accomplish His good purposes.

2. READ: Gifted Ones, Observe the Regulations for Using Your Talents During Worship

You are talented. You are gifted, in the spirit. And as with every Christian, your spiritual talent is a part of the value and usefulness that God wants you to bring into the kingdom of God. But, this does not mean that every Christian (including you) is using his talent to build other Christians up in the Christian faith, in the spirit. Indeed, many are using them (their tongues, their singing, their teaching, their gender, and more) to lead others down the path of sensuality, they are using them as sensual gifts, the opposite of what it means to be spiritual. This is disgusting to God. So, do you know how to properly use your spiritual gifts, especially around other Christians, even during worship? If not, then God might not admit that He knows you. Do you want to be known or ignored by God?

3. READ: Church, Observe The Lordís Supper, and Its Regulations

Judas Iscariot is an integral part of the story of the Lordís supper, but not in a good way. During the supper, Jesus revealed that Judas would soon betray him. In doing so, he became guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord, meaning murder. For Christ was an innocent man, and Judas knew it. He even said that he betrayed innocent blood. Did you know that today you could be just as guilty as Judas in how you are (or are not) eating the Lordís supper? You could be guilty of murdering Christ. So, you must not disregard or dishonor the supper, or somehow trivialize it as not important or essential to the worship of God. So, you must learn how to eat it in a praiseworthy, not condemnable way.

4. READ: Church, Observe The Regulations for Judging Wicked Members

Is there a time for everything under the sun, even passing judgment on a disciple? Jesus said judge not! So, there is a time not to judge our brother. Do you know when not to judge your brother? Do you know which kind of person should not judge his brother? Yet, Paul said do you not judge those who are inside the church? So, there is a time to judge our brother. Do you know when to judge your brother? Do you know which kind of person should judge their brother? Do you know how to judge your brother? There are three things a church must do to judge their wicked members. Examine your membership.

5. READ: Friends, Observe The Regulations for Dealing with False Teachers

God does not favor a false teacher. And He does not want you to be gracious to one as well. Indeed, he wants you to avoid them. You have His permission and blessing to not greet them or offer them any form of hospitality. He has commanded you to treat them in this way. Are you keeping this commandment? If not, you might be aiding and abetting a liar. Not good! Yet, like Diotrophes, you must not be a hypocritical separator.

5. READ: Appendix A - On Growing in Love

Consider how to be more loving and how to encourage others to be more loving.

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