PART 1 - Bible Study on Salvation Teach It! Testimonials!
"This course may seem simple to some but as an Ordained Minister who was losing a Battle with Satan & all that's been taught to me, it's God sent \o/. I Pray that many New & Old Born find this course as uplifting as I have." -Pastor, Canada

BASIC COURSE: The Complete Bible Study on the Basics for Beginners and Christians STEP 1 - Below, Read, Watch, or Listen to All Lessons in the Order Listed
STEP 3 - Start Quiz on Baptism

CONTINUED: The Beginning of the Christian Age

1. READ: How Jesus said we must be saved
2. READ: Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles
    READ: How the apostles said we must be saved

3. READ: We can be saved by God's grace [favor], "Saved by grace, through faith" Eph 2:8
    READ: True vs False Grace Chart
    READ: Advanced Lesson on Grace

4. READ: We can be saved by faith towards God, "Saved by grace, through faith" Eph 2:8

Call upon the name of the Lord to be saved [Printable PDF Worksheet]

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