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BASIC COURSE: The Complete Bible Study on the Basics for Beginners and Christians STEP 1 - Below, Read, Watch, or Listen to All Lessons in the Order Listed
STEP 3 - Start Bible Study on the Messiah

The course studies the Bible chronologically, in the sequence of how things happened historically. This way you'll know how things fit in their proper places within the Bible. This part is a chronological study of the O.T.

1. READ: Bible Ages / Time Periods Explained    Audio
2. READ: God planned to send the Messiah   Audio
3. READ: God created heaven and earth to be very good!   Audio
    READ: God started marriage between One Man [male] and One Woman [female]
    READ: Man: Made advanced or primitive?

4. READ: God has an enemy who tries to destroy everything good!   Audio
5. READ: God Chose Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob [Israel]   Audio
6. READ: God delivered Israel   Audio
    READ: God gave Israel four kinds or categories of laws

7. READ: God gave Israel the Promised Land (Joshua led them in)   Audio
    READ: The Time of the Judges
    READ: The Time of the Kings
    READ: The Time of the Prophets

Call upon the name of the Lord to be saved [Printable PDF Worksheet]

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